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Media enhancement and restoration is currently an intensive manual process. The goal of AVEROS is to create an easily accessible, automated, scalable and fast video restoration and enhancement service operable by non-expert users.

AVEROS envisions a robust and efficient restoration system, designed as a flexible white-label service. Public and in-house media cloud based services can brand the AVEROS offering and combine it with existing media services to ensure the fastest market take-up and to create a high value offering for specific end-user groups.


Demonstration Video

AVEROS @ IBC Future Zone

A successful IBC has come to an end. The Show offered a great opportunity to share views with you on solutions based on the AVEROS technology. We hope you had the chance to come by and discuss your ideas and needs for AV media restoration in cloud based environments.
In case you missed us, don’t be sad! Feel free to send us a message or sign up for news using the Contactform!


  • Service Layer

    The service layer is the top layer of the AVEROS cloud service. It is the responsibility of the service layer to provide a secure multi-tenancy and distributed load- balanced computing capacity in order to achieve robust and scalable multi-user operations.

  • Intermediate Layer

    The service layer widely abstracts cloud web service and future user requirements to the Intermediate Layer below. This is made possible by utilising external Platform as a Service offering.

  • Whitelabel

    The design of the browser-based interfaces to control the AVEROS service is beyond the scope of AVEROS. This way, external partners define the look and feel of this white label service.

  • Research

    On-going research focuses on automatic parameter settings to work highly synchronised with human perception and its high performance implementation.


  • Auto Contrast

  • Dust Removal

  • deFlicker

  • Correct Instability

  • Digital Sensor & Film grain noise

  • Conversion to UHD & Dynamic Range
...and more

The Team

The AVEROS team brings together more than 15 years of experience. The service builds upon its market-leading toolsets to create high-quality film, video and audio restoration. It aims to become the new market standard in bringing high-quality automatic video restoration and enhancement service to the cloud to exploit this fast growing demand.


AVEROS is intended to be licensed as a white-label service. The team has close contacts with numerous cloud and service providers who offer professional-grade media services. The business model will be based on a one-time setup fee and some volume-based fees. If you are looking to include automatic video restoration and enhancement services in your offerings, leave your details for more information.


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